With my mission in cooperating with my clients to deliver customized language solutions based on a profound understanding of their needs, backed by unconditional supportive services and linguistic expertise, my business values become real. And I strive to represent them in every projects handled to me. From document translation to website localization, from simple proofreading to complicated quality review, I use this R-I-P-E formula as guidance to my profession.

  • Responsiveness

…by proactively identifying issues or challenges, addressing client needs and coming up with solutions as a team in a timely, efficient manner

  • Integrity

…by building, with scrupulous care and honesty, long-term professional relationships with my clients

  • Professionalism

…by committing to deliver language services with expertise and solution-driven attitudes

  • Excellence

…by using my linguistic & industrial expertise to deliver added values with high levels of quality


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